Our holistic program

Preschool is the first step into the IB learning continuum.

The Primary Years Program (PYP) is a curriculum framework, carefully tailored by each school implemented this pedagogical framework to suit the needs of individual communities. We are proud to say that we are a PYP candidate school since June 2020 and are already starting the implementation into our individual context. Invento International School delivers the national Uzbek curriculum with a PYP pedagogy. We cultivate our national culture and heritage whilst developing International Mindedness in our community.

The PYP is an inquiry-based pedagogical framework, fostering the holistic development of each students under our care. We offer a safe, engaging, emotionally and intellectually stimulating environment. In early years setting, the PYP focuses on play-based teaching and learning as the main activity of each day. Through carefully-planned or free play, children experiment and explore their environment whilst gaining knowledge and developing important skills such as collaboration and problem-solving skills.

The national curriculum is divided into four ten week long Units of Inquiry (UOI). Each UOI is explored through the lens of a Central Idea, which gives the general direction of the inquiry. Three Lines of Inquiry (LOI) are carefully devised by teachers to act as the main angles that are explored in details during the UOI.

PYP being a trans-disciplinary approach to Teaching and Learning, Literacy, Numeracy, Arts, Music, Social Studies and Physical Education are integrated in the UOI wherever meaningful and possible.

We chose the PYP to implement our school vision as it is a student-centered program that nurtures inquiry, self-confidence, creativity and responsibility in our young learners.

PYP in an early years setting
Primary Years Programme (PYP) is for students aged 3-12.
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