Marcela Hormiga

7 years

Hello! ¬°Hola! My name is Marcela and I come from beautiful South-America. I am a language teacher who loves to travel and share the love for discovering new things along the way.


For almost seven years, the experiences I have had domestically and abroad in diverse work places ranging from Universities, language institutes, and currently, kindergarten has instilled in me great hope in the prospects for XXI century learners.

My vision is that my students find in languages a gateway to gradually venture into the unknown and, ultimately embrace diversity. It is now more relevant than ever that, as educators of the future decision makers, we strive to shape world citizens with universal values. Education is limitless!


Since I can remember, I have always had innate curiosity for what is out there; for different countries, landscapes and flavors. Therefore, it was no coincidence that, after completing my Bachelor of Arts in ELT in Colombia, I decided to move to Asia seeking more professional development.

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