Raila Kutdusova

Learning Support
10 years

I came to Invento international school as a speech therapist.  My goal is to teach our children to speak and write beautifully and competently at this important stage of their development.


Conducted individual and group classes on the development of auditory perception and pronunciation.  My responsibility included the diagnosis of children with hearing impairment, the determination of the level of hearing impairment, its development, as well as the production of speech.  In the same period of time, I worked at the Center for the Social Adaptation of Children as a Special Education Needs educator.  I conducted classes with children with various mental and physical disabilities and developed my skills in these areas.  In recent years, i worked in a private kindergarten, focusing on literacy skills and speech development.


Graduated from Tashkent Nizami Pedagogical University. 

After graduation, worked for 5 years in a specialized boarding school 102 for hearing-impaired children. 

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