Communication is essential to learning, hence at Invento we believe that language plays an important role in our daily lives. Although the medium of instruction in school is English, the use of native language Russian and Uzbek is to guide students enabling them to communicate and express themselves confidently in each subject area.

Sport classes

Invento believes in the holistic development of students, thus equal emphasis is given to sport activities. Taking part in sport activities help students in learning to control their emotions and feelings in a positive manner. This also results in an overall development of physical and emotional well-being of students. The various sport activities offered at Invento are football, wushu, swimming to name a few.


Thinking out of the box to solve a problem is the need of the hour in the present world. At Invento, students learn to think creatively through activities such as ceramic pottery , mental math and chess. These activities provide students with the ability to think creatively and effectively which helps them to resolve matters they face in their daily lives.


Art is a fun way of learning through exploring doing art activities. There are various forms of arts such as visual arts, performing arts which help children gain useful life skills. Students also learn arts in various forms such as music, colouring, dancing and acting. Creating art expands a child’s ability to interact with the world around them, and provides a new set of skills for self-expression and communication.