International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program

IB PYP Early Years is a holistic learning experience that integrates socio-emotional, physical and cognitive development of young learners aged between 3-6. In the Early Years program, learning takes place in a dynamic environment that promotes play-based learning, uninterrupted exploration through a transdisciplinary approach. Students develop their Approaches to Learning, through the development of their social, self-management skills and critical thinking. Curiosity is fostered all the time and this is how we learn.

Support services


Massage helps in stimulating the good hormones and decreases the bad hormones. Massage helps in relaxing the muscles and improves blood circulation by increasing motions. As an after effect of massage students gain energy, concentration and improved quality of sleep. Students go through 1 cycle of massage including 4 sessions and each student goes through around 10 cycles in a year. This promotes growth and development, keeps children happy, improves academic performance by improving concentration, improves sleep quality and enhances the immune system.

Salt Room

Salt therapy is an exciting experience for children. It helps students by relaxing, soothing and improves respiration. A Salt room is created in Invento for students to keep them healthy as well as entertained. Salt therapy helps children to reduce stress, increase energy, and promote better sleep patterns. The Salt room is effective as air is purified which helps increase the capacity of lungs and reduce skin ailments.

Working with us
Welcome to “INVENTO” The Uzbek International School! This is a huge opportunity to become part of a successful team in the field of international education. This is a modern educational space-a community of active, critically thinking researchers. IB teachers and coaches from all over the world are ready to share their knowledge, experience and skills in order to make this world a better place through education.
*welcoming pedagogical, teaching and international experience, training in foreign universities, international internships, English language proficiency at least Intermediate level

Alena Yun

Head of HR Department

“We are in search, those who are willing to learn and develop together with us, to try new technologies and techniques, to meet the challenges of time, to learn the profound philosophy of the IB (International Baccalaureate) to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring generation, which will contribute to the improvement and security of the world by manifestations of intercultural understanding and respect to each other…”