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5 facts about Caroline Fogiel, Principal of INVENTO School

She is a global citizen, who studied in two renowned universities in two different countries. She started her IB journey in 2006 whilst working at the Australian International School Singapore- she has a son, Martin, 23 years old who has also graduated from two renowned universities in Europe. At a personal and professional level, she has a strong interest in bilingual education. Her grandmother was treated in a hospital named after Avicenna, which was her first connection with Uzbekistan.

Invento and the COVID 19 pandemic

The campus has closed twice since the beginning of the pandemic and twice we have switched to online learning. Thanks to the creativity of our teaching teams, we have maintained engagement and meaningful learning online. Parents were each time very supportive and very involved in their child’s learning. As professionals, we have learned a lot through this experience and in many cases, it has deepened the relationship between the teachers, students and families. We adapted the timetable so we did not overwhelm our young learners and we managed to nurture the inquiring nature of our teaching. It has certainly tightened our community ties and we are grateful for the support provided by the parents, without which it would not have been possible. We all took these occasions as learning opportunities.