Our story

In 2020, Invento the Uzbek International School (IUIS) Early Years Campus became the first Uzbek school to apply as a candidate for the
IB PYP Early Years in Tashkent.

In the same year, the idea grew to expand the kindergarten project,
to open a school and to seek authorization in all IB programs. It is our pleasure to welcome you into our wonderful world of learning, to the IUIS kindergarten.

Then came our second academic year in 2020-2021. Humbled by parents’ support, we opened two Grade 1 classes at our Tashkent City campus, developing our programs as PYP candidate school. International experienced coaches joined us to support our local teaching team and bring international education standards to Tashkent community. We introduced inquiry-based learning and teaching, transdisciplinary approach, international mindedness to engage, enhance, empower our students. In harmony with the IB Learner profile, we promote critical thinking, we develop communication skills and a sense of care and responsibility for the local and global environment.
Inventors benefit from a holistic and balanced education including many After School activities to further develop sensory exploration, artistic and sport skills which are critical in early years. We focus on the whole child and its individual journey.

Each student is important to us and we focus on each and every one of them as an individual and as a learner. We are all excited about the opening of our new campus in September 2021, with the arrival of new students and new teachers who will further grow our learning community.

Every moment is a learning opportunity!

Our campus

INVENTO Early Years PYP campus is located in the new business center of Tashkent, in close proximity to the Tashkent City Park. This is one of the largest recreational areas in Tashkent, including a large artificial lake with a beautiful fountain, more than 4,500 trees and green spaces, bicycle paths, a unique planetarium, children's playgrounds, workout zones and restaurants with summer terraces.

Our Early Years PYP campus is well located and easily accessible just a few minutes ' walk from a major bus hub and several stations of the Tashkent metro network — "Chorsu", "Gafur Gulyam", "Alisher Navoi" and "Pakhtakor".

Early Years PYP campus is furnished with contemporary equipment. All rooms enjoy natural light and enough space to have four learning centers running concurrently. We are in favor of seeing in time what abilities each child has and helping to develop them.

Our campus contains the best conditions for children:

Kidzania — a mini-copy of a real city, where children
can try themselves in various professions.

Traffic police room to familiarize children with the rules of behavior on the road. There is also a Lego wall for the development of abstract thinking and fine motor skills of hands.

Amphitheater & Assembly hall. A space where children will rehearse theater productions, as well as concerts and performances.

Smart boards in classrooms that will demonstrate
the educational content of the new generation.
With their help, the lessons will turn into an exciting journey.
The Bose Professional audio system will help the child
to develop logical and creative thinking.

Speaking about the safety of every child on our campus, there is the latest security system named Solt, used by elite private schools around the world.

Also, we have an indoor heated swimming pool, which is one of our students’ favorite places.

Two spacious canteens enable our students to enjoy delicious and nutritious meals in a well lit and comfortable place.

Surprisingly, our playground is long and set up with many age-appropriate equipment. Everyday, when weather permits, our students spend a minimum of 40 minutes outside.

One day at Invento

Communication is core to social interactions and knowledge acquisition. It can be physical, verbal and visual. It is imperative to nurture respectful and meaningful connections within our school community. Teaching teams are role-modeling positive language and responses, providing our learners with the opportunity to questions and to explore the world around them. We also encourage families to support the inquiring mind of their children to build their self-esteem and feed their curiosity.
Inventos community is a learning community.

Every moment is a learning opportunity at INVENTO!

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