Ashgabat CAMPUS

Intersection of Makhtumkuli-2 street and Kichik Halqa Yuli street, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 100047.


Furqat 4A St., Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 100021.

About IUIS

Invento the Uzbek International School (IUIS) was founded in 2019, opening its doors on January 2020 with an enrollment or twenty-five (25) students on the first day. The Covid-19 pandemic affected our start delayed us until June 2020. In July we were joined by Ms Caroline Fogiel the school’s founding Principal to begin the 2020-2021 academic year by which time an additional six (6) students enrolled beginning the year with thirty-one(31) learners.

IUIS is committed to lead the development of International Education in the context of Uzbekistan and the region to better prepare our students for the challenges of our ever-changing world.


At Invento the Uzbek International School, we strive to empower each child to grow its unique personality and inclinations with self- confidence. Invento education instills the skills to build healthy relationships by imparting a deeper and meaningful understanding of our immediate environment. We help Inventors build solid academic foundations combined with life-long learning habits in order to develop international mindedness through a carefully crafted bilingual student-centered program.


Invento students will serve their community with an open mind, knowledge, empathy and purpose. They will be equipped with 21st century skills to adapt effectively to the challenges and find a meaningful role to play as agents of positive change.They will value their cultural identity and respect others in a spirit of collaboration and inclusion.

Core Values

We aim to cultivate learners who will:


With your learning, with your peers, your community and the world


See yourself as a lifelong learner, develop yourself as a learner and as an individual


Develop one’s skills, and others to make the right decision at the right time