The teacher acts as a facilitator in the boundless world of knowledge. That is why it is essential that the teacher understands the needs and inclinations of the child and can build a trusting relationship. After all, the success of the educational process depends on it.

INVENTO UIS faculty is a team of national and international professionals. Innovative and creative educators from diverse cultures play significant roles in the development of IB programmes.

We support the continuous professional development of teaching staff, encouraging them to achieve more.

Faculty members

  • Aynura Kenjebaeva PYP EY HRT (Toddler A)
  • Lusine Gabrelyan PYP EY HRT (Toddler B)
  • Nargiza Xanbabayeva PYP EY HRT (Toddler C)
  • Nodira Topilova PYP EY co-teacher (Toddler C)
  • Nozimakhon Atakhanova PYP EY HRT (Early Years 2D) Grade leader for 4-5 years
  • Nigora Sarimsakova PYP EY HRT (Early Years 1B) Grade leader for 3-4 years
  • Mukhlisa Maslakhatdinova PYP EY HRT (Early Years 1C)
  • Nasiba Khaitbaeva PYP EY сo-teacher (Early Years 2A)
  • Dinara Gazizova PYP EY HRT (Early Years 1A)
  • Movluda Shodmonova PYP EY сo-teacher (Early Years 1A)
  • Nargiza Ramazonova PYP EY HRT (Early Years 2A)
  • Makhfirat Arzieva PYP EY HRT (Preschool B)
  • Mokhinur Murodova PYP EY HRT (Early Years 2C)
  • Ezoza Askarova PYP EY сo-teacher (Early Years 2C)
  • Nadejda Li PYP EY HRT (Preschool D) Grade leader for 5-6 years
  • Sabina Kuzakhmedova PYP EY floaing сo-teacher
  • Nodira Boltaboeva EY Uzbek A teacher
  • Yuliya Kimchuk EY Music teacher
  • Valeriya Koritseva EY Art teacher
  • Artemiy Maramigin EY PE teacher / EY ASA cooridinator
  • Nafisa Usmonkhodjaeva Neuro psychologist