Toddlers (2-3) and Early years programme (PYP EY) (3-6)

We are an authorized IB World School for the Primary Years Programme (PYP).

Our motto states, ‘Every moment is a learning opportunity at INVENTO,’ so the Toddlers Programme and the Early Years Programme are designed to give the youngest the best possible start to lifelong learning. Our educators create opportunities to develop creativity, self-confidence, independence, and a strong sense of belonging through social interactions among learners and adults.

Students begin their academic journey in a play-based learning environment to acquire skills for a smooth transition into Grade 1.

Toddlers (2-3) and Early years programme (PYP EY) (3-6)

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Early Learners inquiry into their world through 4 transdisciplinary themes out of 6:

'Who we are'
'How we express ourselves''How the world works''Sharing the planet'

Within the 4 transdisciplinary themes, students explore Literacy (Uzbek, Russian, English), Numeracy, Science, Social studies, Visual arts, Music, and Physical and Social education.

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Manipulatives, Visual and Performing arts, Physical education, and inside and outside spaces are all used by the teaching team to enhance, engage and empower students' learning.

The Early Years PYP programme at our Tashkent City Campus.

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